What We Do

The Whitetrading is established in one of the best growing area’s for seed potatoes in The Netherlands, the Noord Oost Polder. Close to the World Potato Capital, Emmeloord, where every 4 years a big potato exhibitions is hold.

In this area, there are growing about 7.000 hectares of seed potatoes. A part of these seed potatoes are grown by a special group seed potato grower for The Whitetrading. They have a lot years of experience in growing and grading these seeds. After the testing by NAK, a Dutch control organization, the seeds are packed, and shipped, by special cooled containers to the clients in the Middle East Regions.

The Whitetrading is not only an organization for seeds from potatoes, onions and carrots, but will also deliver, and installed, the machines for soil preparation, planting, nursing and harvesting. After the harvest, the product will be stored in boxes, or in bulk in cold stores. These storages can also been developed by The Whitetrading, in combination with Dutch professionals. In fact, The Whitetrading, can do Turn Key projects, even with the, guidance, of well-trained people, mostly framers, who can take you by the hand, the first year(s).

New in the activities of The Whitetrading is, drip irrigation for large areas. This means, for areas where for long time a pivot has done his work, but now due to the availability of water, the amount of water has to reduce. With this Dutch Water Management we can reduce the amount of used water by nearly 50 %, and direct by in the new situation using the water, and fertilizer, in a better way, increasing the yield by 40 %. In Saudi Arabia, there now laying about 750 hectares of these large scale drip irrigations systems, in potatoes.

Another new activity is the introduction, of a system for producing round bales with compacted silage. These bales are wrapped with film, and most of the time also is an additive, added to the silage, so that the quality is insured and often the quality will be made better by these additives. These bales can be produced in the Middle East region, but also in Europe. Al the bales will have a SGS quality certificated. With these bales we can fill a 40 foot container with 27 Mtn. of silage, in bales. These bales can easily been stored at your farm. And due to the use of additives, you, or your client can slowly feed the bales, without reduce of quality.

The bales can be filled with Alfalfa, maize, or a combination from maize and beet pulp.

The Whitetrading, can supply all the machines for making these silages, like mowers, choppers, and compactors. Think in this case, also about equipment for bringing in and taking out the bales into or out of the container. Also the additives, and film, special for your country, are available.