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PIM-Machinery is a young and no-nonsense company with many years of experience in weighing and bagging applications, e.g. for [un washed] potatoes, onions carrots, root celery but also for industrial products like [char] coal.
PIM-Machinery is developing, selling, manufacturing, installing and servicing weighing- and bagging equipment. We are also able to service other brands in order to optimize your service calls.
PIM-Machinery provides turnkey solutions including project management which allows you to stay focused on your own business.


AVR bvba Belgium 

AVR green more obviously present on the fields.
AVR’s aim is: producing robust, secure high-capacity harvesters that are able to deliver potatoes of excellent quality the High-End machines. The ‘total cost of ownership’ has to be as low as possible. Quality, capacity and service are the key words here.
AVR’s specialisations consist of harvesting potatoes on the one hand and soil cultivation before and after the planting of potatoes on the other hand.

Henk Korpershoek

Logistic partner for The Whitetrading. Henk is organizing the transport, all the papers, needed for doing the export of the business The Whitetrading is doing in the world. He also arrange all the transport in the Netherlands for picking up the seed potatoes, in reefer containers. He also contact you as client from The Whitetrading when the loads have left Holland and will arrive in your country.